Amidst The Derelict




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Amidst the Derelict.

A lonely wayward traveler
Surrounded by the ocean - ominous and cold
By will of fate I'm drawn into the place
Of which so many legends had been told
Graveyard of the ships - an eerily mystic spot
Here they lay abandoned - carcasses of the former glory
Azoic and decayed - each telling their own story
Collapsed masts and decks of rotting wood still hold
The precious memories of voyages and battles fought
The splendor brought into decline
By raging maelstrom of time
The further I explore this darkened ghastly site
The more disturbing images come into my sight
The crews of skeletons concealed by spectral mist
Aimlessly drifting flotsam left of Kraken's feast
Galleons and frigates - all turned to lifeless wreck
This is the end of all adventures
The sails are set to rest for good
The fair wind no longer with you
The Jolly Roger's smile got razed
By burden of oblivion and solitude
Now I'm carried by the wings of the flying Dutch
Into the vortex of the souls since I've seen too much
Too much for simple mortal, who's still alive and well
Inside this ghost ship from now on I shall dwell
Hostage of the abyss - a sad forgotten wraith


released September 19, 2011
Piton- Guitars, programming
Al- Bass
Vadozz- Drums
Feka - Vox, lyrics



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2011 – Dawn Of The Technological Singularity (EP, MDD Records)
2011 – Amidst The Derelict (single)
2013 – The Experiment Interrupted

Line up:
Piton – Guitars, synthetic sounds, samples programming
Vadozz – Drum’s art
Stalker – Bass lines
Serberus - Vocals delivery

Synthetic Death Metal for Your Brain!
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