Inside The Womb Of Horizonless Dystopia




released July 13, 2014



all rights reserved



2011 – Dawn Of The Technological Singularity (EP, MDD Records)
2011 – Amidst The Derelict (single)
2013 – The Experiment Interrupted

Line up:
Piton – Guitars, synthetic sounds, samples programming
Vadozz – Drum’s art
Stalker – Bass lines
Serberus - Vocals delivery

Synthetic Death Metal for Your Brain!
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Track Name: Morbid
Yes, I am hateful. In this I am free
Who gave you the right to pass judgement on me
I'm drawing a line, marking my ground, do not step over if you want to still breathe
In my pain I grow strong. With this pain I grow bold.
Shackles beneath. Shackles cut deep. Look in her eyes, tell me what do you see.
Heartache, torment, a part of the disease.
An outsider just like me
We are the virus
There is no cure
Infect the system
Heart of morbidity
I did not stutter, I'm calling you out.
Until we're at peace or the flames have burnt out.
Corruption, disorder, exploitation of youth.
Acts of the leaders you're programmed to praise
(you're conditioned)
Use your own mind, see your made graves,
courtesy of, whom you follow so blindly.
Reconciliation, has come and gone, raise
theFIRE within you, and take it head on.

An outsider just like me
We are the virus
There is no cure
Infect the system
Heart of morbidity
An outsider just like me
Track Name: Through The Fog Into Misery
Through the fog into misery

Doomed from the start
She'll tear your heart apart
A succubus by nature
She'll succumb to your failures
Feeding your ego (feeding your ego)
Guiding you (guiding you)....
Through the fog into misery
Through the fog into misery
She'll always have a place for you in her sacred tomb.
It's in the eyes (Those star lit lights)
Try to deny (Made to blind)
And she will bury you
Then silently (with serenity)
Before you turn insane
She'll end your life
As quickly as you came
You are my angel yet you deliver me pain
You are my Angel yet you deliver me...
I swallow all the bullets
I know I can't be loosing
This life is not for me
This life is for the ruined
She'll spread her Afflictions
Like sexual Addictions!!
She'll take your dreams away
Dilute them with another day
Her talons are constricting
Preventing you from thinking
Get a grip on the trigger
And put it to your head
You're better off DEAD!!
Track Name: Descension
The gift of leadership abused and raped.
You can’t take back what you have sown.
The manufactured laws you created
to validate your evil doings have fallen
and your kingdom reeks of its violation.
Through centuries you treated them like cattle.
Authority bestowed upon you from worthy coin and worthy loin.
Abused like a cheap whore.
They harbour morbid thoughts of balance
if given chance which will soon be granted.
And they want more than words of sorrow
as you descend into their hands.
The sky is pried open
You are blind to it’s reach
So consumed with wealth
The moon cowers in
Exposing all your odds
The morales you’ve forgotten
You hold your hand out in fear
Raising the head of the slain
Watch out
These times are ruthless
Even for the angel ov man
Tempted by all things
No liberation for his kin
The grave will consume us all just the same
As you fall from throne their daggers will be waiting
to restore order from tortured hands.
You wish to repent the acts you have inflicted
but they want more than words of sorrow
as you descend into their hands.
The sky is pried open
You are blind to it’s reach
So consumed with wealth
The moon cowers in
Exposing all your odds
The morales you’ve forgotten
You hold your hand out in fear
Raising the head of the slain
Track Name: Rhythm Of The Beast
Rhythm of the beast

We don't question why we have been summoned nor do we care,
our appetite for annihilation has grown too vast
We lust to see your existence ebb and flow away,
like the river from whence you came
Free will is a scapegoat for your madness,
destroying everything you don't understand.
Nothing so weak and volatile should be made to rule

Exitiabilis (fatal deadly)
Exitialis (destructive)
Exitosus (lethal)
The pages from the holy manuscripts you praise
We'll use to wipe the blood away
We shall not spare any life
as you have done to your own kind
to those lurking in the gallows,
the noose you desperately seek will not save
We'll claim in your torment and chaos, what's rightfully ours
We oppose the light and your hyms of salvation, we have no fear
Hosannas from the deepest pits are our voice,
In his silence we will transcend

Exitiabilis (fatal deadly)
Exitialis (destructive)
Exitosus (lethal)
Technology has advanced your knowledge
But blinded, you still have not grasped true power
And this is what keeps you weak

Vehemens (violent, furious, impetuous)
Bestia!!! (Beast)

Under the black Sun and blood red moon
The Angels will cover themselves in white robes
The earth will quake
As we ride in to disdain and bring death upon all
We've been watching you, from beyond the gates
We've studied your every move, and your martyr tricks
We have deciphered your creed, with great ease
We know why you’re prone for Armageddon
Track Name: Take The Blue Pill
Take The Blue Pill
Can you feel it pump in you?
Fucking you in its wicked way
Breeding paranoia so deep
Deep beneath your filthy skin
The city is vile and it’s all around
We breathe in its wretched stench
It bathes you in its putrid filth
Our only reward nihilistic hope
Cosmetic addictions to keep us sane
Morbid convictions if we wake
The media that teaches
The politics that leads
Services made to protect
Feed me more lies
The medicines made to weaken
The rules we are forced to obey
The countries we enslave
Become weapons}

And you expect me to follow and conform?... fuck you!

Take me under your black wings
Away from all the slaves and trolls
The city is vile and it’s all around
It bathes you in its putrid filth
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Like a new born from its broken shell
So far gone even gods can’t save
It feels so wrong but tastes so good
Fucking you in its wicked way
Track Name: Wake

Run through the forest with blinded eyes, can’t tell what’s real.
Stagnating receptors condensing my every breath
Someone, please take, away, all of this pain
Chasing a vision I’ve longed for, I will not rest
The pillars of Zion watch closely, am I a threat?
Watch the citadel…. Crumble and fall
Bones break beneath my feet where do I silently tread?
Overriding the system that guides and controls
Her touch, her taste, her scent, won’t go away
Her shadow a memory I vowed and swore to protect
Her body no longer desire but vision of death
The last petal to fall
Brings the rain
I carve out my eyes
With every cut you fade
I don’t question why
As I clench the blade
Track Name: Callous

I toss aside the pages of hypocrisy
Made to imprison my mind
Alone I walk my path
Guided by the power within

I accept, the torture, the wrath of your jealousy

I embrace it
I consume it
I become my own belief

My mind, will not be purified, for you to contaminate

I reject you
I renounce you
I refuse to follow you

Oh father why have you forsaken me?

If to break away from the bonds of lies
Casts me as a sinner... Then Let it be... I do not fear the gates
The light created by me I will carry with pride
The sun will eclipse my pain
Forever shadowed by the moon
The mountain…
It calls my name
Track Name: Fragment 3