2011 – Dawn Of The Technological Singularity (EP, MDD Records)
2011 – Amidst The Derelict (single)
2013 – The Experiment Interrupted

Line up:
Piton – Guitars, synthetic sounds, samples programming
Vadozz – Drum’s art
Stalker – Bass lines
Serberus - Vocals delivery

Synthetic Death Metal for Your Brain!
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Track Name: INTRO
Track Name: Thus is the will of the swarm
Thus is the Will of the Swarm

Holy shit!
They crawl like demons in the night
To feed and breed
Grand principles that underlie their might

Carnivorous, omnipresent, agile, merciless and frantic
Genetic parasites
That always absorb and integrate inside
Their countless swarm
The swarm of the Zerg

Infest the fallen species
Mutation now sets in

Devoured strains will always bring new knowledge to process
Driving expansion further with the fresh planets to access
Acting like homogenous mass – all individuality erased
Subdued to single Overmind controlling the whole race
The hordes of savage beats just waiting to attack
Overwhelming, staining the universe with their gory tracks

Thus is the will of the swarm
Interstellar terror, from which supreme beings will be born
They can feel you fear
Of the impending doom drawing near
In your trenches you pray
For them you’re just another easy prey

They are the curse of the stars
The purity of essence perfected by the Gods
Creators were outgrown and beaten with their own rod
Complex bio-enhancements, into which they were caught
The sacred knowledge stolen
And used as tool to dominate
The brutal creatures will now decide the cosmic fate
The most advanced life forms to exploit
To overthrow the strongest ones and earn the right
to be the masters of the holy void

Genetic parasites
That always absorb and integrate inside
Their countless swarm
The swarm of the Zerg
Track Name: Lord of rays(dedicated to N.Tesla)
Lord of Rays

Intro (whisper): Lord of rays – master of electric spheres

Among the rocks of Colorado Springs
I hear the pulse of the globe and repercussions of its dreams
Experimenting with the force so great
That none will ever dare to underrate

Bridge: It feels so magic to have the miracle right at your hand
And be few steps away from leap of genius
To grasp the essence of the things
we always yearned to comprehend

My mind is burning
Intrigued by the possibilities unused
I’m like magician
Inside my lab where fantasy and real life are getting fused
The coils get powered
Unleashing deadly energies in air
I stand uncovered
On fringe of the incredible – why should I be scared?

Creating, constructing the empire of wireless electrical exchange
Rebuilding, removing old-fashioned ways of life we strived to change
Encrypting the message in thousands of the volts to reach out to the stars
Talking with other planets – it’s time to listen to the voice of Mars

No longer fiction
The progress is soon to unfold
It’s my conviction
To bring the state-of-art inventions to this world
The lust for knowledge
Planted so deep inside my soul
Directs my actions
Crushing all obstacles that hold me from pursuing my goals

The might I learned to harness had almost equaled me to thundergod
The rays so immensely destructive – they easily may rip the Earth apart

My legacy will shine through centuries ahead
My deeds will be continued though I’ll long be dead
Left with the great debts but I’ve seen the better days
The one you’ll always label as the Lord of Rays
Track Name: The red plague
The Red Plague

Welcome to golden age of consumerism
Where life is governed by the principles of greed
A human zoo stuffed with the monetary souls
Whose thirst for wealth had gone beyond control

Spirituality is just another empty word
Since you’re valued by the things you can afford
And there’s nothing left without “for sale” mark
We failed to learn the lesson of the past
And plunged ourselves again into the secular dark

Bourgeois repent – your final days are closing on!!
And there’s nothing you can do

This time the Flood won’t aid
So let’s unleash the plague
To paint the world in red

Rise from the dirt
Oppressed servants of the rich
Judge, sentence and slay
By swords anointed with red plague
And let it creep in their homes

We step through ashes of your pillaged wealth
To pave the way for hegemony of the proles
Our kingdom comes with pain and morbid spells
Being cast upon the ones whose faith is false

Kneel before new gods
You faceless mass
The masters of new age

Some time ago
We were just shit
But now we reign with rage

With years
Our plague will sweep
Across the globe
Erasing all remains of its disgraceful past
And raging flames of worldwide revolution
Will turn exploiters into dust
Track Name: Before the skies are painted black
Before the Skies are Painted Black

Standing tight with our chins up high
A crowded drill-yard under the pale winter sky
A gleam of resignation sets in the young eyes
When they meet gaze of the one to lead us into demise

Devoted sons of system with no regard for our fate
We’ll all be honored to join this savage crusade
Forcing our bayonets deep into the flesh of the foe
Running through hail of bullets and watch our mates fall

But for tonight you summoned us to guard your grand feast
For all those in command and her whose charm I never could resist
But does she care for such an expendable pawn
I’m left to deal with these feelings on my own

So let’s the show begin!

Surrounded by the alleys bleached with snow
The house of officers is ready to take another ball

The fearless sentinels – we cling to our weapons out in the chill

All dispersed to their positions – the honor guard
Amidst the frozen scenery – the party’s soon to start
Securing the arrival of high-ranking guests
With priceless decorations embedded in their chests

And finally I see
The fragile image of the lovely one
Who dwells inside my dreams

I watch you through the window dancing into the night
The number of the stars you have displaying your might
All clad in gala tunics with white shirts and silver studs
The air is filled with grandeur of severe wargods

The time stands still as you go round the hall
You seem to have forgotten about the casualties you bore
Tonight you savor the neverfading beauty of life
Before you spill the blood again in the forthcoming strife

If she could only be mine for the one single dance
But fate is too stingy to grant me such a chance
Even in the wake of our ravenous attack
Before we paint them skies in black

If I should die – I hope it won’t happen in vain
But what I do regret – I’ll never see her smiling in my face again
Track Name: Matrix cracked
Matrix Cracked

I am the one who sees behind the code
I found the backdoor, which had been long ago reserved

This disobedience has ever since been awaited by the God
As quintessential hacker into his perfect plan I was brought

I am the serpent designed to tempt you out of Eden

This is confusion – the splinter in my mind
That made me leave the programmed life behind
Discarding all attachments as if they’ve never been
My soul is disconnected, my consciousness forever clean

No more deception to obey
To all those who chose this way
The timeless life illusions will completely fade away

In time we shall ring the bells of new tomorrow
Celebrating everyone who’s willed enough to follow
Breaking free from shell filled with life so hollow

See through your eternal sleep
The blissful ignorance
Synthetic world you’re made
To accept as real
Awaken – it’s not so much to take
Just head for tree of life
And taste forbidden fruit
The Knowledge
Grow above the crass demands
Of frail flesh and bone
And you will see it soon
That there’s no spoon

Extend your awareness outwards the environment that predetermines your choice
Embrace the essence of Enlightment while listening to intuition’s voice
Unchain yourself from the shackles of cause and effect
Pass between the pillars of fear and desire into the realm of time and act
And now it’s just about the time for all of you to comprehend
Everything that has beginning will always have an end

The light and dark become the one within my inner self
The way between two opposites, which I have fully delved
Transcending this duality I laid my powers down
Again the one with the Source – I’m the Seventh Son

We have rejected what was intended as our home
Launching the new existence of our own
Track Name: Misery index
Misery Index

Cast away to the far end of the world
Impenetrable to the gifts of civilization
A community of the forsaken ones
In the ultimate phase of degradation
Past life is now a distant dream
Recurring images of what they’ve lost forever
All alone – unheard at nights they scream
Sunk neck-deep in this primordial chaos

You never thought of how it feels
To be a goddamn part
Of a survival-induced manhunt
And when your value is reduced to a state of nutrient

Amidst the forced cannibalism
They must dwell
Confined to pits of hungry hell
Only to learn
That it’s a point of no return

The boundaries of hopelessness you’ll know
Beholding sea that stretch towards infinity
And with the lunacy your eyes will glow
As you bid farewell to life of order and serenity

Ancient practices of slaughter
Luring into the crudely-built booby traps
Marching through the wilderness
Dragging victims, salvaging their flesh

Savage consciousness is free from the notions of humane
Impulses to slay for food flashing through deranged brain
Desperate wails to be spared fill again the frozen skies
Where the misery index grows wildly high
Track Name: Tilting at windmills
Tilting at Windmills

First, we all witnessed the decline
Of gargantuan empire
That was meant to last for the aeons to come
Then came the ones to claim themselves
As liberators of their lands
From what they dubbed as “occupational scum”
Nation of the slaves
You always failed to see
Things unreachable to your stupidity
Having no notion of how to govern or sustain
Obedience – the only sense imprinted in your brain

And now you’re finally free!

Independence based on the ruination
Nationalism leads the way to salvation
Severing ties with the usurpers’ race
So many precious assets which you have laid to waste
By vengeful grudge you’ve been driven mad
Dismantling everything until your economy is dead

Flock without shepherd – you’ve got none to guide
Your morbid folk besides the national pride,
Which has consumed every single aspect of your life
You’ll end up blinded by your narrow-mindness knife
Houses of the bread now stand abandoned and defunct
After you’ve seen the evil giants in every factory and plant
Their millstones stuck with the dirt of your neglect
This is the fate of riches you ought to keep and protect

Aliens infest your every house
The hatred burns inside their slavic hearts

Come and see the European slut
Which sold itself again to bite the fucking mud
Do you feel glad having fulfilled your plan?
So let’s go dance & sing – the only things you can